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Wang Yiya

Wang Yiya is deeply attuned to themes of femininity and the transient nature of life. Her floral clusters soar upwards, reaching for the skies, evoking a profound sense of life's brilliance. Yet, beneath the surface, Yiya's art carries a poignant message. She explores the inevitable cycle of fading beauty, where flowers wither and people ultimately meet their end. In her introspective postscripts, Wang Yiya eloquently weaves words like "dream," "smoke," "shadow," "thinking," and "pity," creating a rich tapestry of emotions that resonates with the timeless literary masterpieces of ancient China, such as "Dream of the Red Chamber"

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Ink on handwoven silk

Within the delicate confines of handwoven silk, Wang Yiya unveils a mesmerizing portrayal of regality and grace in her artwork. Comprising three intricate layers, this piece invites viewers to a journey of subtle revelations. At its core lies a semi-transparent silk layer, where Yiya delicately paints a crown adorned with ethereal butterflies. Beyond this, an outline of white cardboard and the frame's backboard contribute to the piece's layered complexity. A subtle shift in perspective grants viewers a captivating 3D illusion, with the crown seemingly suspended in an otherworldly reverie.


The other piece: the wedding day

Drawing inspiration from a Qing Dynasty wedding crown, this masterpiece finds its companion in "The Wedding Day," presenting a dual portrayal of bridal grandeur. Aptly named "Under The Moon," in contrast to its vibrant counterpart, this piece exudes a serene aura, evoking the sensation of basking in moonlight.


Part of the celebrated "Bloom to Demise" collection, which catapulted Wang Yiya into artistic acclaim, this work narrates the stories of women through history, as seen in their cherished hair accessories. From the resplendent crowns of Song Dynasty queens to the intricate wedding adornments of the Qing Dynasty, Yiya's brushwork captures the essence of these revered pieces, along with a poetic array of hairpins, veils, and floral coronets.


Yiya's deft brushwork weaves a tale of contrasts, juxtaposing the opulent blossom-adorned crown with the serene visage beneath. In this dialogue of opulence and emptiness, she offers a poignant reflection on life's inexorable duality. Deeply inspired by the timeless epic, "The Dream of the Red Chamber," Wang Yiya breathes fresh vitality into tradition, forging a captivating bridge between antiquity and contemporary expression.


DUAL 对弈, 2023

Ink on handwoven silk + Color block board

Introducing Wang Yiya's latest collection, titled "Dreamy Garden 痴园." Much like her previous "Blossom to Demise" collection, this series draws inspiration from the beloved Chinese novel, "The Dream of the Red Chamber," a favorite among both the artist and many in China.

While "Blossom to Demise" explores the world of women's hairpieces, "Dreamy Garden" delves into the narratives within the garden itself. The Grand View Garden serves as the backdrop for the unfolding stories, symbolizing the happiest moments of the novel's main characters. Gardens have long been cherished as the spiritual sanctuaries of Chinese people, especially young women in ancient times.

In this collection, Wang Yiya endeavors to vividly portray the intricate inner world of ancient Chinese women through her garden landscapes. One piece, titled "Dual," features a woman at the center engaged in a chess game with an elusive counterpart. Viewers can interpret this counterpart as a reflection of herself in a parallel universe or within their imagination.

Each artwork combines two elements: a silk top and a color block underneath. Yiya strategically employs the space between these two pieces to create an enchanting and illusory ambiance.



Ink on ancient silk

Original 繁空录·行游簪 


Based on a story from a Chinese Poetry 


Introducing a stunning piece of fine art that is sure to captivate your heart!

This painting tells a romantic tale set against the backdrop of an ancient woman's hairpin, showcasing three young women completely engrossed in conversation about an ench
anting journey.

The use of striking blue and gold hues results in a truly elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, while the carefree expressions on the women's faces infuse the painting with joy and delight.

TONGYUE 桐月, 2023

Ink on paper

Inspired by one line from a Tang Lyrics “Samsara Mantra” : 花冠频鼓墙头翼,东方澹白连窗色.


The original Chinese phrase translates to: "Blossom crowns frequently beat against the wall's edge, while the eastern sky gradually lightens the window's hue." This poetic expression is often used to depict the scene of a vibrant spring morning, symbolizing the lively and energetic start of a new day.

In the grandeur of the entire 'Bloom to Demise' series by Wang Yiya, this is a rare and light-hearted creation. A pale green crown paired with a pristine veil, phoenixes cradling precious gems, and the scene abloom with flowers – even without a girl, the entire composition radiates the beauty of youth.

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