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60x60 cm

Mixed Media


About RuNan:


Collection Intro:


Throughout my artistic journey, I have been captivated by the allure of depicting mountains and water, exploring them from various perspectives. At one point, I became enamored with the art of three-dimensional relief, utilizing an aerial viewpoint to craft my compositions. This fascination seamlessly converged with the overarching theme of islands in this particular collection.


Building upon the foundation of my previous works, I have infused a newfound intricacy into my paintings. I've long harbored a desire to create imaginary maps, and my interest in the cartographic representations of medieval times has been a constant muse. For this endeavor, I undertook extensive research, fusing Western and Eastern cartographic traditions, and combining both three-dimensional and two-dimensional techniques to bring forth these creations.


The creative process also introduced novel approaches, liberating me from the confines of traditional Chinese ink and brush techniques. Instead, I embraced calligraphic methods, further accentuating the Eastern lineage of my work, while seamlessly melding Western and Eastern influences in these pieces.


Mobai | 汝南 Rǔ nán

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