Light on the Stairs


Award-winning arts by women artists worldwide


Wang Yiya

Hangzhou China

Wang Yiya is one of the best emerging artists in China who has received many awards and done several successful solo exhibitions in China.


Yiya’s art is a new attempt at finding a balance between historical heritage and modern values. Through the graceful and elegant painting style, she tries to express her understanding of Chinese traditional poetry, novels, and history. Most importantly, it is a way for her to convey her understanding of life.

Imaginekoin by Yingjin

Hangzhou China

Imaginekoin is created by Yingjin Gao, one of the best emerging ceramic artists in China. She artfully blends the Chinese poetic tradition with the Japanese aesthetic of beauty. Every piece of Yingjin's work requires extreme levels of craftsmanship and focus on details. Her most famous Moonlight collection is becoming the most sought-after art among Asian collectors.

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Martina Uthardt

Övermalax, Finland

Every painting sold in our gallery is Insel Exclusive from Martina. Martina's paintings are like a breath of fresh air. They bring a sense of joy and remind us of the good in life. There's a streak of melancholy running through them, But that only makes them more beautiful and real. Martina was a very successful photographer, had 10 solo exhibitions, published many books, and even got a letter from Swedish royalty because they love her book "Oscar på äventyr". Later, with her passion for painting, she became a painter.


Tina Vlassopulos

London, England

Based in London, Tina is a world-renowned artist who creates beautiful sculptural forms out of ceramics. During her 50+ years of journey in the clay world, Tina has won numerous awards. Her publications and exhibitions have inspired countless artists around the world. People are deeply attracted by the rhythmic, balanced, and philosophy expressed in Tina's signature silhouette and palette. Each of her pieces tells a story, about life, people, and our planet.


Papier à êtres

Cadillac, France

Papier à êtres was founded 20 years ago, and now it has become one of the best paper art studios in Europe. The two paper artists, Sophie and Frédéric, discovered the chemistry between soft lighting and delicate papercraft. ​Their artworks are collected by galleries and win awards worldwide. You will fall in love with their work once you see them.


Polina Kharlamova

St. Petersburg, Russia

Polina Kharlamova was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2019 she graduated from one of the best art universities in Russia- Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design and then continued her path as an independent artist. Although her career just started 2 years, she already had several solo exhibitions and her artworks can be found in collections in the USA and across Europe. We love the sense of femininity and fragility in her work, which is juxtaposed with mysterious noir motives.