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Art Exhibition with Women Artists From Worldwide


You are invited

Hosted by Truedoor Vocation Inc x Insel Island Art Community

Date:    Sep 29 - Oct 2, 11 am  -  7 pm

Address: 4995 E Cherry Hills Dr.  Palm Springs, CA USA

"Archipelago" transcends geographical boundaries to explore a worldwide concept through the artistic voices it presents. It is a reflection of unity and division, isolation and connection, and the fusion of individual narratives.This exhibition seeks to emphasize the underrepresented gender assertions of women in the art world, offering a platform for female perspectives and creative expression. It also delves into the diverse regional influences on contemporary art, highlighting the different modes of artistic manifestation across various cultural backgrounds.The artists featured in "Archipelago" come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective to the themes of nature and myth. Elicia Edijanto (Indonesia) captures the harmony between humans and nature, while Iyan De Jesus (Philippines) creates surreal worlds immersed in fantasy. Mo Bai (China) explores cultural forms through map culture, and Zhang Jiefei (China) reimagines traditional Chinese landscapes through paper cutting.Detailing the play of light and time, Park Yunji (South Korea) explores existence through tree shadows, while Wang Yiya (China) combines classical elements with contemporary feminist consciousness. Pushpa Kumari (India) preserves the Mithila painting tradition while addressing contemporary women's issues.Martina Uthardt's (Sweden) paintings offer a breath of fresh air, infusing joy with a touch of melancholy, reflecting the beauty of life. With a successful photography career, including 10 solo exhibitions and published books, Martina's transition to painting adds depth to her artistic journey."Archipelago" invites the audience to traverse not only geographical terrains but also to explore the aesthetic connotations and emotional landscapes presented by the artists. Together, they sketch out an imaginative path that transcends borders and cultures.

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