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100% handmade pieces from ethical brands owned by women


Upcycle with Jing

Helsinki, Finland

Upcycle with Jing carefully crafts one-of-a-kind jewelry designed to make you look good and feel good at the same time. Every piece is handmade and made to order using recycled PET plastic bottles. These beautiful upcycled jewelry pieces are ones that you’ll have for life and take care of the planet.


La Tiendita

Tulum, Mexico

As a brand born in Tulum, Mexico, every La Tiendita piece is 100% handmade by local artisans to support the community. Each one of their pieces tells a beautiful story.  They use high-quality natural materials for their home decor and organic linen apparel for their apparel line, which portrays the brand's true essence: lightweight, effortless pieces for natural beauty.

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