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Discover the beauty of life from simplicity in Chinese traditions

Simplicity, the unique beauty with which nothing could compete.  – Zhuang Zhou

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Rooted in classical aesthetics, with its elegant and smooth lines inspired by Ming-style furniture and the simplicity of calligraphy art.

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PUSU hand-makes every piece with love and care.

The beauty of their furniture lies in the traditional Chinese mortise and tenon joinery, which is organic, non-toxic, and has a clean and simple appearance.

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PUSU intends to fuse classical literati aesthetics and traditions into furniture and accessory design to produce a contemporary living space that hearkens back to the literati lifestyle, yet meets the needs of the modern generation

Chen Yanfei and Chen Yanping, a couple who have been engaged in design work for many years, founded the Chinese Contemporary Literary Family Living Brand "PUSU" in 2011. The design inherits the charm and beauty of Chinese Ming Dynasty classical furniture, aiming to reshape the contemporary Oriental elegant life.


Their furniture design works have won the 2012 International EDIDA China Best Chair Design Award, the 2016 and 2017 Chinese Furniture Design Gold Point Inheritance Award, and the 2020 Product Design Red Dot Award. PUSU is the leading brand in the original home design industry in China.

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