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Inspired by the cify flower of Shanghai: Yulan magnolia, this chair's back and armrests resemble three petals of a magnolia flower, with beautiful and smooth curves that flow smoothly and elegantly. The high-quality imported leather used for the seat surface is soft and gentle in color. There are four pleats on the seat surface, which are evenly and subtly displayed.


Yulan magnolia (simplified Chinese: 玉兰花; traditional Chinese: 玉蘭花; pinyin: yùlánhuā; lit. 'jade orchid/lily'), is native to central and eastern China. It has been cultivated in Chinese Buddhist temple gardens since 600 AD. Its flowers were regarded as a symbol of purity in the Tang Dynasty and it was planted in the grounds of the Emperor's palace.


All of the furniture's beauty comes from traditional Chinese mortise and tenon joinery-which is organic, non-toxic, and uses less glue.