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About Insel Island

Image from Insel-Verlag homepage

I'm always thinking about the German publisher Insel-Verlag Stefan Zweig mentioned in The Word of Yesterday.

Since it was established in 1899, it has made the criterion for the publication of a work not its commercial value but its content. To accept only works of the purest artistic expression in its purest form was the motto of this exclusive publishing house. It at first depended on a small clientele of real connoisseurs. With conscious pride in its isolation it called itself Die Insel (the Island) and, later, the Insel-Verlag.

The Insel-Verlag’s colophon implied, at first for thousands and later for hundreds of thousands, not only a guarantee of textual quality, but also exemplary perfection of everything pertaining to the printer’s art.


Our store is deeply inspired by Insel-Verlag and named after it. We hope to carry forward their spirit: selecting, presenting, and selling what I genuinely believe and appreciate. I hope it becomes not just a store, but a gallery and a community where people can share and connect.

Our Mission


We are passionate about discovering emerging handmade, authentic, eco-friendly, organic, and ethical-made brands, artisans, and designers. And share their work with the world.


We want to build a community that comes with passion and trust to connect our designers, artists, artisans, and users, share ideas, and make friends. 

Utility Pole


We would love to support the artists, designers, and artisans working with us to grow their market and collaborate. We handle the exhibitions,  payment, and logistics all in one place.

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