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Life of an order

Overproduction is one of the biggest issues in the fashion industry. It not only hurts the environment so badly but also makes the products sell at a higher price than their actual value. 

The philosophy behind our gallery is that each piece of clothing should be special, unique, and made with love. We believe in slow fashion and that every piece of clothing should be made to last. We also believe in supporting small businesses and artisans.



We encourage conscious purchase 

Please carefully review the production and shipping time in the description, double-check the size, and options you selected. Always think twice before you checkout. We encourage our customers to do mindful and conscious purchases.

Image by Courtney Cook


Artists and artisans start their creation

Each of the pieces is handmade. The production time depends on the complexity of the item. Please read carefully the product description for the specific time estimate. Good things take time, we appreciate your patience and will email you once it's done! 

Once reach this step, your order can not be canceled.

Image by Ian Taylor


Shipping from worldwide to you 

The order will ship to us first for quality control, which takes around 1 day, the shipping time is determined by the distance.

Shipping from Creators to us:  est. 3 weeks.

Shipping from us to your home: 1 week.

Image by Element5 Digital


Yay! Your order has arrived

The 100% handmade order arrives at your door. We really appreciate your patience along the journey. Please enjoy and share your feedback with us.




We will only accept free returns with defective items.


We encourage our customers to read descriptions carefully before checking out. If you are unsure about the purchase, contact us via anytime and we are more than happy to answer any questions.

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