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The Circus collection is made from a neon tube and the classic paper-carved figure. The neon tube is bent into a circle, just like the circus ring. When the boy or girl is placed in the ring, it adds calm and poet to the light immediately.



This collection was the superstar in their exhibition in Paris back in 2019!


It is entirely made by hand and to order. Each piece is unique and the creation of the artists. When you order online, you will have a one of a kind made for you.


PLEASE REVIEW the Info Section carefully before checkout.


We are the authorized store that carries all designs by Papier à êtres. If you want something not in the list, feel free to contact us via


Photos in this page are from ©Fabrice Besse / Papier à êtres® / All rights reserved.

Circus - Neon and paper wall lamp

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