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Thanks for supporting our women artists during COVID.
1% of your purchase will be donated to Girls Education Program.

Limited Edition Prints
Wang Yiya x Insel Island Gallery

Insel Island Gallery has partnered with Wang Yiya in creating a limited edition print based on her original paintings in "Blossom to Demise" worldwide. 

This series is a collection of work that explores the natural cycle of life, from the beginning stages of growth to the eventual decay. The below prints are exclusively sold by Insel Island Gallery and will never be reprinted.

Giclee prints on silk from Wang Yiya's studio in China. Signed by Wang Yiya with an auth-card.

We will take care of all customs and other international logistics, including shipping fee.

The price of the prints will raise by 25% when half of the limited edition is sold.

The prints are priced without frame. 

Limited Signed Photographs


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