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You will find all the art in the exhibition by clicking the "shop" button below.  Your purchase will not only help our women artists but also support girls' education. 

The theme of the exhibition will be re BALANCE.
To inspire and encourage people to find a new balance from inside and out, mentally and physically after COVID. We believe that by finding this balance, we can lead more fulfilling and empowered lives.


Balance is a situation where both body and psyche feel good.
Where you find things that bring joy.
It is important to give time for rest and time for commitment.
It is important to feel secure in yourself where you dare to look for what gives balance. Life is a wave movement and the challenge is to constantly try to maintain balance in life.

Exhibition Day In San Carlos June 2, 2022

Exhibition Day at Google
Nov 17, 2022

All the arts in our gallery have some sort of balance within them. No matter if it's the sculpture shape, the color pattern, or the materials. You can find them on our gallery page.


5 sections: 5 Aspects of Balance

Balance to work with partners

 Papier à êtres in France

Papier is the best paper art studio in Europe. Their founder is a couple. Sophie and her partner worked together, he is structuring the paper, and she is poetizing it. Their paper art itself is a balance between them.


The balance between personal interest to professional work

Ceramicist in UK Tina Vlassopulos 

Based in London, Vlassopulos is a world-renowned artist who creates beautiful sculptural forms out of ceramics. During her 50+ years of journey in the clay world. With a deep love of performing arts and music, Tina instills a sense of movement, silent sound, and precise balance into each piece.


The balance between your body and soul

Photographer Laurent Castellani

Laurent Castellani is a French photographer from Paris and the island of Ré, first of all, Artistic Director for more than 15 years, and he had the opportunity to work with all the biggest communication agencies in Paris. His first 2 films for Bose and Bang & Olufsen were very noticeable as well as his "Terrence Malick" style, Netflix will contact him in 2018.
Camera at the shoulder, agile Laurent likes to feel "the pulse" of his subjects by being closer in his framing. So many distinctive signs have drawn his photographic style. Today he is known for his minimalist and very focused images, his first book "reverie" is sold all over the world.